SLAS2017 Short Courses

Multi parametric Analysis of High Content Screening Data (Laptop Required)

We offer a hands-on course for analyzing multiparametric data typically extracted from high content images using the open source platform KNIME. The course will show how to transform complex datasets into biological insights using advanced data mining techniques without programming.

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Marc Bickle

Marc Bickle obtained his PhD at the Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland, studying the immunosuppressive drug Rapamycin using yeast. He then went to the LMB in Cambridge, UK, to study behavior in C. elegans. He then participated in the creation of Aptanomics, a drug discovery Biotech in Lyon, France. He is currently heading the High Throughput Technology Development Studio at the MPG-MPI in Dresden, Germany, developing RNAi and chemical high content screens.

Antje Janosch

Antje Janosch works as research assistant at the Technology Development Studio (TDS) of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.

Her work mainly focusses on image and data analysis as well as on software development (KNIME nodes) to facilitate internal data analysis flows.

As computer scientist she supports the work of the TDS with her expertise since 12 years.